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Forensic Expert Witness

Is spouse dishonesty around finances an issue? We can perform a lifestyle spending analysis, pre-marital asset valuation, or other analytical tests to look for hidden income or assets, and support our findings in Court.


Financial Mediation Plus

We will take you from concerns and goals to the finished Agreement without the acrimony and high legal costs prevalent in litigation.


Comprehensive Divorce Financial Analysis

A fee-only process that does not involve investment advice or securities or insurance transactions. We show you the impact your decisions can have on your financial future and make sure that your settlement is tax proof.

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Professional, cost-effective financial advice

Don’t just settle, settle well

Faggio Financial provides detailed analyses, financial and tax strategies (for your divorce settlement), and recommendations that will empower you to make the best financial decisions for you, and your family’s financial future.

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What Our Clients Say

Uniquely able to keep (everyone) focused on financial reality

John’s financial expertise was a tremendous help during my divorce.  His detailed analysis of my financial situation helped me to understand the short and long term impact of my settlement options.  With John’s guidance, I’m confident I made the best decisions for my financial future during an emotionally difficult time in my life.

KM, Strategic Divorce Financial Planning Client

While getting divorced in Ohio, I could not find one qualified financial consultant, tax attorney, or CPA that knew the tax laws concerning the window of opportunity the IRS allows a spouse to not pay the 10% penalty of their share of the other spouse’s retirement.  After weeks of frustration I found John. Within in seconds John was quoting the tax code to me, giving me advice, showing empathy on how so many other professionals are not aware of all the strategies out there to help their clients.

Kathleen in Ohio – Tax Planning Consult

John Faggio has saved me thousands and I would never hesitate to call him again knowing I have his full attention to my needs.

Kathleen in Ohio – Tax Planning Consult

Thanks for all your hard work and guidance helping us bring our settlement to a conclusion. It took us a long time and I really appreciate you sticking with us all the way.

PS, Mediation Client

Thank you for your quick reply and sage advice!  That helps me understand the QDRO better. And you are right, sometimes it is just hard to let go and move on.  But it is far worse being stuck. As I said, I don’t know how you do your job, but you do it well and with patience. 

SH, Mediation Client

At a time when I was overwhelmed with the turmoil of divorce and unsure how to handle the division of our assets, John was invaluable in helping me navigate the financial aspects of my divorce, protecting my equity, and helping me financially plan for the rest of my life.

L.C. from Howard County, MD

John’s knowledge of the divorce process and his understanding of the emotional turmoil of his clients during divorce make him an extremely effective financial divorce specialist.

John’s financial projections (clearly represented in graphic form) were an important piece of my attorney’s presentation at my divorce mediation.

John was able to crunch the numbers and give me answers quickly during the critical decision making of mediation. His calm manner and team approach with my attorney gave me confidence at an emotionally devastating time.

K. L. from Columbia

We will work with you, with you and your spouse, your mediator, or attorney

Our goal is to help you create a balanced settlement and give you peace of mind in knowing that you have made the best financial decisions in your divorce.

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