Federal Employee Benefits

Divorce Financial Planning is Critical
to Federal Employees and Their Spouses

Divorce Financial Planning is a must for most Federal Employees going through the divorce process. Faced with similar divorce financial and tax issues that others experience, these employees have multiple employee benefits that require special research, analysis, and timely execution of divorce-related documents. Health and Life Insurance Continuing or needing to apply for FEHBP [...]

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Retirement Accounts and Divorce – Fed VCP a hidden asset?

Maryland ranks as one of the states with the highest number of Federal employees with approximately 260,000 at the end of 2010. With the national divorce rate still hovering around 50%, it stands to reason that a significant number of Maryland Separation and Divorce Agreements (MSA) will cover at least one Federally-employed spouse. In most [...]

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Divorce in Maryland – Special rules for Government Employees

Federal Government employees and their spouses who reside in Maryland face different hurdles when going through the divorce process. Special care is required to assure that the "ends justify the means" of the Maryland Property Divorce Settlement. The issues that have to be skillfully dealt with include: Retirement Benefit Court Order Pension Offset or Sharing [...]

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