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Maryland Divorce and Taxes- How and When Should You File

In the divorce process, but haven’t filed your 2018 tax return? Your soon-to-be ex-spouse says the “best” way to file is Joint; but best for who? Are you being pressured to file jointly but negotiations are not being conducted in good faith? When you file and how you file can [...]

Selecting the Divorce Attorney Who’s Right for You – Part 1

Ending a marriage is always a difficult decision, and once both spouses decide to divorce, there will be other important decisions to be made, many with long-term financial impacts. When you consult with a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA), the analyst will provide comprehensive guidance regarding the financial matters involved when a marriage is dissolved.  [...]

Divorce’s Devastating Effects on Finances – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, the financial effects from divorce remain as devastating as ever, even though American divorce rates have dropped the past three years. Part 2 will discuss the financial impact of alimony and legal expenses. Consult with a financial divorce specialist for professional guidance. Alimony Accumulates Varying greatly state to state how [...]

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Is Divorce After 50 Different Financially? – Part 1

Divorcing after the age of 50 will be different than a divorce at a younger age. Although marriages of younger people end for similar reasons, couples over 50 will face other factors related to their age that already exist or are looming. Issues regarding health, retirement, and generating income must be faced, adding stress to [...]

The Ten Biggest Divorce Financial Errors – Part 1

The following are the ten biggest divorce financial errors to avoid during settlement negotiations. Consult with a financial divorce specialist to protect yourself and your children financially. 1 – Emotional Attachment to Assets It is natural to have an emotional attachment to a company pension, family home, or artwork purchased over the years while you [...]

Coping with Your Divorce’s Financial Impact – Part 1

The greatest impact of divorce is typically its devastating effect on the family. However, divorce can also be devastating on family finances. Studies have found that spouses who divorce will have to generate 30% more income in order to maintain their lifestyles. Being knowledgeable about your obligations and rights is the best way to decrease [...]

Women and Divorce – Warnings from a Divorce Financial Analyst

Researchers for a University of Utah Report on Divorce cite the following statistics: About one in three women who own a home and have children at home when they divorce lose their homes. Three of four divorced mothers do not receive full payment of child support About one in five women fall into poverty as [...]

5 Potentially Bad Divorce Decisions
(and how to avoid making them)

Going it alone or excluding a Financial Divorce Analyst from your divorce team can lead to bad decisions that will have a negative impact on your future financial security. Here's a short list of the potentially worst decisions that individuals have made and continue to make as emotions take hold. 1. Trading your share [...]

Divorce Financial Planner Using Graphics to Settle Cases

Certified Divorce Financial Analysts™ (CDFA) have a unique and effective  "tool" to help individuals understand the potential financial impact that a settlement offer can have on their future finances. If used properly, introducing charts and graphics into settlement discussions can focus all parties on the bigger picture, separate fact from fiction, and make it [...]

Divorce with a Financial Divorce Analyst™ is a no-brainer

Many times, Divorce Mediation can be the most cost-effective, lowest conflict, process of all of the divorce settlement options. Currently, the majority of divorce mediators are either mental health practitioners or attorneys who help couples make decisions regarding the legal, child custody, and financial issues of the divorce settlement. Certified Divorce Financial Analysts (CDFA™) [...]