Why Mediation Can Work for Complex Divorces – Part 2

As mentioned in Part 1, when considerable assets are on the line, madness often infects both divorcing spouses. Divorce has the unpleasant ability to bring out the worst from those who would normally behave quite rationally. Fortunately, spouses can choose divorce mediation to reach a settlement for a high-asset divorce, making the process much less [...]

Why Mediation Can Work for Complex Divorces – Part 1

It may be the case that your divorce will be dealing with assets that are considerable and complex. Although many believe divorce mediation won’t be beneficial in such cases, this option can actually facilitate faster and less costly settlements of high-asset divorces. Traditional divorce litigation pits two legal teams against each other in a contest [...]

Divorce with a Financial Divorce Analyst™ is a no-brainer

Many times, Divorce Mediation can be the most cost-effective, lowest conflict, process of all of the divorce settlement options. Currently, the majority of divorce mediators are either mental health practitioners or attorneys who help couples make decisions regarding the legal, child custody, and financial issues of the divorce settlement. Certified Divorce Financial Analysts (CDFA™) [...]

Five Critical Divorce Financial Planning Tips

These Divorce Financial Planning Tips are for those starting their journey in what's been acclaimed as "divorce month" in many publications. No matter what month you begin the process, if your financial future is at stake, engaging the services of a CPA Divorce Specialist or Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA™) will be crucial for [...]

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The perfect marriage for a divorce in Maryland

The “marriage” of legal counsel and a Maryland Divorce Financial Planner can provide divorcing spouses with significant financial issues with a definitive edge in their divorce negotiations. Once thought of as an “attorneys only” process, more people are discovering that the addition of a divorce CPA or CDFA™ to handle the financial aspects of [...]

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Divorce Costs in Maryland – How to Get Your Own Stimulus

Depending upon the process that is used, divorce costs in Maryland can destroy a family's finances. Whether it's Mediation, Collaborative Divorce, or litigation, thousands of dollars can be wasted and paid to professionals prior to the creation and acceptance of a Maryland Separation and Divorce Agreement. Retained divorce professionals can help you significantly reduce [...]

Maryland Divorce Advice – Five Really Big Mistakes that Increase Costs

I have seen a recurring pattern in many Maryland divorce property settlement negotiations. Whether it is a Collaborative, Cooperative, Litigated, or Mediated case, these mistakes do nothing but delay the inevitable and increase the costs of the divorce. Holding on to the garden hose A divorce attorney told me about a case where the [...]

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