Divorce Financial Planning is Critical
to Federal Employees and Their Spouses

Divorce Financial Planning is a must for most Federal Employees going through the divorce process. Faced with similar divorce financial and tax issues that others experience, these employees have multiple employee benefits that require special research, analysis, and timely execution of divorce-related documents. Health and Life Insurance Continuing or needing to apply for FEHBP [...]

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What You Must Consider in Splitting Pensions in Divorce – Part 1

When splitting a retirement pension in divorce, most times, not necessary to determine the present day value of the pension. In my experience, I have seen spouses and divorce professionals spend unnecessary time, money, and energy in this process when it is a far-gone conclusion that the pension can only be divided by sharing the benefits. [...]

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Women and Divorce – Crucial Information for a Positive Result

Men and women alike can get caught up in the emotional issues of divorce and each have their own financial issues in the process.The addition of a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ to the divorce team can help either or both understand their issues and move forward toward an equitable property divorce settlement. Depending upon [...]

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