maryland alimony modification lawyerJohn Faggio has been a Collaborative Practice Professional since May of 2005. He has served on the Board of the Maryland Collaborative Practice Council and the Howard County Collaborative Professionals. He can work as part of the team with your Collaborative Family Law Attorney to help both spouses find an acceptable solution to their divorce settlement. In Collaborative Practice, John is engaged as the Financial Neutral, a consultant to both spouses, who offers independent solutions to help you and your spouse find an agreement that suits your situation.

What is Collaborative Practice?

Collaborative Practice is an alternative divorce process that utilizes a team approach to bring the divorcing couple to settlement. Each professional is employed in the process to enable the spouses to discuss their issues with the specialist most qualified to help them. The specialist then communicates information to the team and the pertinent issues are addressed in subsequent meetings. With all team members moving in the same direction, this approach results in a more cost effective manner to reach a settlement.

What are the benefits of using a Collaborative Financial Neutral?

  • One independent professional who explains the benefits and pitfalls of any divorce settlement scenario to each spouse
  • Facilitation of discussions in a safe environment where each spouse can raise their concerns
  • Ongoing financial and tax recommendations throughout the entire process to minimize tax impacts and avoid surprises
  • Unbiased financial reports that show each spouse the results of any given settlement option
  • Corroboration of financial information that provides a level playing field for both spouses
  • Assurance of a balanced approach to a financial settlement that is equitable to both spouses

Email or call John directly at (410) 988-7333 for Collaborative Divorce Professionals in your area.