The cost of divorce is soaring in Maryland. In litigated cases, the minimum cost for legal fees can be $25,000 or more, per spouse. We believe that in most divorce cases, where finances are a major issue, the addition of a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst ® can be an invaluable tool.

We also recognize that it is financially difficult for many individuals or couples to add another layer of professionals to their process. This is why we have created our Fixed-fee alternative programs. If neither program suits your needs, contact us for a 10-minute free consult. We may be able to build a program especially for your needs.

Faggio Financial Lite

  • Initial meeting to help you focus on the issues and minimize the chances of making bad decisions
  •  Financial reports to help rationalize decision-making
  •  Recommendations to minimize taxes and save you time, money and energy

This package may be right for you if you:

  • Own property worth $500,000 or less, and/or have annual income of $125,000 – $300,000
  •  Need limited assistance in resolving the financial issues of your divorce
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Faggio Financial Plus

  • Additional meeting time to generate and review settlement alternatives
  • Telephone conferences
  • Additional reports applicable to your situation
  • Identification of financial settlement issues and possible alternatives
  • Recommendations to minimize taxes and save you time, money, and energy

This package may be right for you if you:

  • Own property greater than $500,000 and have incomes $200,000 – $1MM
  • Are unsure of your family finances and need detailed analysis and one-on-one counseling  to negotiate an equitable settlement
  • Ideal for the mediation process – detailed knowledge of the issues and finances along with ongoing recommendations can minimize the chances of making costly decisions
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Fixed fee programs are not available for:

  • High-conflict cases where a trial is anticipated
  • Expert Witness engagements
  • Forensic analyses or Pre-marital property valuations
  • Cases where either spouse has significant business interests
  • Cases where annual income exceeds $750,000 and spouse is a high-level employee with compensation fringes such as stock options, incentive programs, deferred compensation, etc.