Divorce Marital Assets

Divorce can be financially devastating. Frequently, it is an emotionally charged process that can leave individuals with no sense of what their new life will look like, financially. Especially in these uncertain economic times, divorce financial planning is critical for the family’s future financial well being.

Generally, divorcing individuals are fearful. They read and hear horror stories of what others have experienced in their position. Faggio Financial analyzes all the financial aspects of your financial situation, separating facts from fiction, and presents the short and long-term results of alternative settlement options. The result is that our clients become well-informed and savvy decision makers; they know what to expect, and can rebuild their lives on reasonable financial information and planning.

Divorce and Home OwnershipAvoid serious financial problems from your divorce

Most divorcing couples attempt to create a settlement that works for both partners. Unfortunately, even in an amicable divorce, what may look equitable now, often results in financial disaster for one or both of the divorcing individuals over time.

Sometimes 50-50 isn’t equitable

Beginning with the division of property; spouses trade assets until the couple agrees on the division. This should result in an “equitable” transfer of the property, which does not mean “equal.” It does mean what is “fair.” A 50/50 division of property, which may seem “equal” at this time, may not produce equal results-or equal standards of living, after the divorce-if the two spouses are not in the same financial situation at the time of the divorce.

Create a more positive result

To help you create a more positive result from your divorce, we empower you with financial information that allows you to make the best decisions. We start by examining the crucial financial issues of your divorce:

  • Identification and valuation of Marital Assets
  • Equitable division of Marital Assets
  • Pre and post-divorce cash flow
  • Retirement plan valuation
  • Determination of sustainable of spousal support
  • Child Support Guidelines
  • Optimal tax strategies
  • Family/Heir risk exposure

We will then use our specialized software to develop financial scenarios for you and your spouse. These reports will be detailed in narrative, graph, and chart form. This detail will help you fully understand the financial results of your settlement and possibly decrease the time required to finalize your agreement.

We start the process by sending you a confirmation letter with a list of items needed for your meeting. Rest assured that any information you send will be treated as strictly confidential.

Don’t let your emotions jeopardize your financial future!

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We offer you the ability to enter your family finances on the web and transmit your file directly to us so we can get started right away. Whether you are seeking advice on separating  marital assets, interested in long-term settlement analysis, or just need help completing your financial affidavit, we can help. To save time and money, start now.

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