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Critical Issues for Federal Employees and Spouses in Divorce
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The Unique Problems of Federal Employee Divorces

Federal Employees DivorceFederal Employees and their spouses need a divorce professionalwho knows and understands the nuances of the Federal Benefit system. The professional should understand allotments, the need for FERS pension payments to cover a former spouse’s FEHB cost, how loans affect TSP allocations, FEGLI options, and the importance of thr pre-divorce decision to purchase LTC insurance.

John Faggio has had extensive experience working with Federal Employees and helping many of them through the divorce process. He has extensive knowledge of critical divorce issues the majority of Federal face and continually researches the new forms and time frames that are mandatory in the final settlment.

Divorce UncertaintyIndividuals come to us with questions such as “Will I be ok after the divorce?” or “How do I know what is fair?” They want to be confident with the decisions that they make.By providing you with all of the information needed to to make a well-informed decision, working with Faggio Financial will save you time, energy, and money in the divorce process.

Our services are available for any resolution process you choose, i.e. Mediation, Collaborative Practice, or Litigation.

Coming Soon – Why MediationAdvantageā„¢ may be the most cost effective, respectful, and quickest manner to settle your divorce

John Faggio will mediate the financial issues of your divorce. If your divorce involves children’s issues, he will bring in an experienced, collaboratively-trained, social worker or psychologist to settle those issues, at no additional costs to you.

Similar to our Financial Neutral services, Faggio Financial’s Mediation Plus will provide you with a total awareness of your finances now and what they will look like, after the divorce.

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