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Financial Divorce Plan Annapolis MD

Our Financial Mediation Plus© program is designed for divorcing couples who want to reach a financial settlement in the most amicable and respective manner possible while keeping professional fees to a minimum.

John Faggio is an experienced financial mediator and has served as a Financial Neutral in many Collaborative Divorce cases. He will help both spouses value and explore alternatives in dividing marital assets, determine manageable and sustainable child and spousal support levels, and minimize the tax impact of future settlement transactions.

Upon agreement of the financial issues of your divorce, John will introduce you to an attorney who will prepare a Mediated Divorce Agreement. For those who have difficulties with child custody issues, John will introduce a Parenting Plan Mediator to the process who will help you and your spouse effectively communicate, manage your emotions, and develop a “child centered” co-parenting plan.1

Footnote 1
One attorney may not ethically represent both spouses in the divorce process. They can, however, prepare a Mediated Agreement with pre-negotiated terms. Both spouses will contract with the Attorney and/or Parenting Plan Specialist independent of the services of Faggio Financial LLC.

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