For Divorce Professionals

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Attorneys and mediators can reduce their stress, lighten their work load, and take on more complex financial cases by using Faggio Financial to support their services. How can we help?

Participation in Settlement Conferences

We can provide attorneys, mediators, and their clients with “real time” supporting calculations, financial projections, and tax implications of settlement options. Experience shows that working as a team in this environment can expedite the settlement process.

Pendente Lite and Pre-trial Preparation

Although only a small percentage of cases actually end up in court, attorneys must spend considerable time and resources gathering documents and analyzing information needed to prepare their case.

Faggio Financial can help divorce attorneys and their clients prepare a reliable representation of the marital property and pre and post-divorce lifestyle budgets. We will work with your client to gather the necessary documents to prepare and support their financial statements. Using sound accounting techniques, we help identify the innocent and sometimes not so innocent mistakes made by one or both parties when preparing crucial documents for the courts.

Knowing these documents are meticulously prepared and supported to the attorney’s guidelines, gives you a competitive advantage and your client peace of mind. Faggio Financial will deliver your client’s financial statements in a clear, organized document ready for filing with the courts. Any necessary revisions can be processed in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Equitable Support Determination

Whether working directly with the spouses or with the attorney or mediator, Faggio Financial can assist in determination of a monthly support schedule that is sustainable and equitable to both parties.

S Corp Income Determination

This is an area of ample confusion for all parties. If you have ever heard “I really don’t make that much” or “you know, I’m a shareholder in an S Corp and the company just pays my taxes,” Faggio Financial has the experience and tools to uncover the true income of either spouse.

Efficient Tax Frontier

Using powerful software that includes most recent tax regulations, we can present up to three side by side “what if” scenarios that show the effects of changes in filing status, dependent exemptions, and tax credits on each spouse’s cash flow.

Business Investments

In twenty-five years of public accounting experience, John Faggio has worked extensively with business owners. His familiarity with financial statements and associated tax returns enables John to quickly ascertain the impact that a business may have on a pending divorce.

Expert Testimony

John Faggio is a CPA, a CFP®, and a Financial Divorce Specialist with over twenty-five years of experience in financial and economic matters. He is available for expert witness testimony if and when cases go to trial.

For Divorce Professionals

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“John offered very strong support for me during my divorce. He clarified the financial aspects in ways that my lawyer and I couldn’t and saw me through the entire process, even advocating for me during mediation meetings. He was a regular gentleman doing a superb job of giving clarity and strength when those qualities were very difficult for me to find. I continue to see him as an adviser because of his honesty and down to earth nature.”

L. D. from Columbia, MD


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