Financial Forensic Expert Witness Annapolis MDAre you concerned that your spouse may be hiding assets or income? Maybe they have a small business and you need an independent calculation of their business income. Are there significant, pre-marital assets that need valuation? Are you concerned that tax returns have been filed incorrectly and that a possible IRS audit may “haunt you,” post-divorce? Your family income has been substantial and yet there are no assets to show for?

John Faggio has been involved in many divorce cases where he has provided forensic accounting services and been an expert witness to safeguard his client’s financial interests. These services include:

  • Searching for hidden assets and/or hidden income or identifying inconsistencies between financial information and supporting documentation
  • Determining and quantifying personal expenses accounted for as business expenses by the other party which may impact support
  • Calculating the cash flow which may be used in calculating support payments
  • Tracing to be used in determining the separate component of otherwise marital property
  • Assisting your attorney in preparing:
    • document requests of the other party
    • gathering information to be used in the preparation of subpoenas
    • in preparing interrogatories or in preparing deposition or trial questions to be asked of the other party’s forensic accountant
  • Reviewing certain work performed by the forensic accountant working with the other party