Let us help you gain financial clarity!

In these uncertain economic times, divorcing individuals need a plan, not planned chaos!

Do you fully understand the financial impact that divorce will have on youYour children? Do you know what is “fair” or what your financial needs will be post-divorce?

Individuals contemplating divorce are facing unprecedented economic conditions that can challenge the future financial security of the entire family. In these times of decreasing retirement account and home values, job instability, and increasing living expenses, you need expert, independent financial advice to assist you in developing a sound divorce financial plan; a Plan that will enable both spouses to survive and thrive after the divorce.

John Faggio, CPA, CFP®, CDFA™ is a Financial Divorce Specialist. Faggio Financial helps divorcing individuals reach an equitable financial settlement in a professional, cost-effective, and expedient manner.

We do this by providing clients with financial clarity to a process that is inherently burdened with emotional issues and the stressors associated with the legal environment in which it exists.