December 7, 2017
1-2 pm (ET)
Registration is limited to
30 Participants
Registration Cut-off at 10 pm, December 5th

This webinar will enable you to alert your clients of the potential tax traps inherent in most divorce cases.

The presentation will include dependent exemptions & transfers, alimony recapture, mortgage interest and taxes, and how to make and keep alimony deductible.

Participants will learn:

  • How to leverage tax filing status and obtain a more level playing field
  • Who is entitled to the mortgage interest & tax deductions and how to preserve them
  • How to keep alimony deductible (and not recaptured as child support)
  • How to avoid alimony recapture
  • The critical importance of spouses adhering to the MSA with actual tax transactions

All registrants will receive a free digital recording (MP4 file), available 7 to 10 days after the live event (included in the registration fee).