Certified Divorce Financial Analysts™ (CDFA) have a unique and effective  “tool” to help individuals understand the potential financial impact that a settlement offer can have on their future finances. If used properly, introducing charts and graphics into settlement discussions can focus all parties on the bigger picture, separate fact from fiction, and make it easier for each spouse to understand the goals and concerns of the other.

“Now I understand”

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The two graphs above show how each spouse will fare under different settlement scenarios. For this discussion, seeing the individual numbers are not important; the graphs simply tell the story that under the first scenario, the financially-dependent spouse’s net worth will rapidly decline three years after the divorce. That story dramatically changes in the second graph. How can this happen? The Divorce Financial Planner is trained to observe and present the bottom line of settlement offers and develop alternatives that can make the settlement more equitable. These graphs visually answer the following questions:

  1. Will I be financially ok after the divorce?
  2. Will I run out of money?
  3. Will I be able to retire?
  4. What will happen when alimony stops?
  5. Will I have to re-enter the workforce?

Illustrations v. Words

In most divorce cases, there are questions regarding what the total marital property consists of. Couples with long-term marriages may have had inheritances, changed jobs and moved retirement funds, started retirement plans prior to the marriage, or earned pensions pre or post-marriage. The illustration below has been used to help each spouse understand the ownership and earned interest in a pension plan.

Maryland Divorce Financial Planner,divorce marital assets

For visual learners, this graphic will make much more sense than a reading of the legal statute regarding the division of Marital Property.

Divorce Financial Planner Annapolis MDTax Filing Issues

Couples going through the divorce process during this time of the year consistently have the question of how they are going to file their tax return. Since they are still married, they can file Jointly, Married Filing Separate, or possibly the Holy Grail of filing status, Head of Household. Faggio Financial has developed a flow chart that helps individuals understand exactly how they can file.

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