Women Divorce Financial Issues Annapolis MDEnding a marriage is always a difficult decision, and once both spouses decide to divorce, there will be other important decisions to be made, many with long-term financial impacts. When you consult with a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA), the analyst will provide comprehensive guidance regarding the financial matters involved when a marriage is dissolved.  An experienced CDFA will also know the impact that an experienced divorce lawyer will play in the financial outcome of a divorce settlement. Thus, your choice of a divorce attorney is crucial.

As divorces are expensive and often cause an emotional toll on a family, it is strongly advised that divorcing couples try securing an amicable agreement. An uncontested divorce filing and using mediation are two ways of pursuing this. Going through the courts and litigating a divorce would be far more costly in terms of time and money. In any event, there will be instances when a lawyer will be required, and so the following 3-part article will discuss how to select the divorce attorney who is right for you.

Become Engaged

Even though choosing an experienced divorce lawyer is important, there is no substitute for becoming involved and engaged during the process. As observed by many CDFAs, women tend to allow their attorney to make the important decisions, which will result in financial consequences in the future. Although an experienced lawyer has valuable expertise, the client needs to learn as much as possible about the personal and financial ramifications of a divorce settlement.

Conduct Several Interviews

Before choosing your divorce lawyer, it is important to conduct two or three interviews of prospective candidates. You may receive recommendations from relatives or friends, but the key is finding an attorney who is a good fit. Preparing several questions related to your case will help because the answers of the attorneys being interviewed will give you an idea whether or not their approach will be right for you.

Part 2 will continue by discussing several factors to consider before making the final choice of a divorce attorney.

Professional Guidance for Divorcing Individuals

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