As mentioned in Part 1, when considerable assets are on the line, madness often infects both divorcing spouses. Divorce has the unpleasant ability to bring out the worst from those who would normally behave quite rationally. Fortunately, spouses can choose divorce mediation to reach a settlement for a high-asset divorce, making the process much less adversarial and emotional than litigation. Part 2 will further discuss compromise and helpful tips for compromising during divorce mediation. 

Victory through Compromise

The most ideal method to attain victory in divorce is a win-win. Spouses can win with the assistance of a lawyer who is experienced in an equitable division of considerable complex assets, allowing both parties to receive what each need by making reasonable compromises.

Even though a mediator is available to provide guidance, divorcing spouses remain completely in charge of reaching an agreement regarding the division of assets and parenting. To be fair will be their biggest challenge. However, both parties can make progress if they are willing to compromise.

Helpful Tips for Compromises

Determine your goals: Compromise would be difficult without first determining your goals. Know what is personally important, so you can concede on items that do not matter much to you.

Know your spouse’s goals: This will facilitate communication during mediation because you will be aware of what he or she wants to achieve. This knowledge will let you find areas of compromise more easily.

Both parties won’t get all that is desired: divorce and the division of assets will both cause anguish, and necessary compromises make it unlikely that a settlement agreement will make either party very happy.

Be open-minded: your ability to consider new proposals and ways to give and take will make compromising possible. Solutions for difficult problems will be much easier to find if you remain open-minded.

Consult with an experienced divorce lawyer: an attorney skilled in family law will be able to evaluate whether or not you have a fair divorce agreement.

Get financial advice: consult a Financial Divorce Specialist who specializes in helping divorcing couples reach an equitable settlement.

Professional Guidance for Divorcing Individuals

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